One of my favorite things in the world is a farmer’s market.  There is nothing more beautiful than fresh seasonal produce and fruit.  Not to mention the feeling of being able to support local farmers and businesses.

Ok, maybe there is…photographing them.  Hope you enjoy these long overdue photos from my farmer’s market adventures this summer!

farmers-market-love1 farmers-market-love2 farmers-market-love3 farmers-market-love4 farmers-market-love5 farmers-market-love6 farmers-market-love7 farmers-market-love8 farmers-market-love9 farmers-market-love10 farmers-market-love11 farmers-market-love12

Now, if that doesn’t make you just want to get into the kitchen and start cooking, I don’t know what will.    And on that note…that is exactly what I will do.  ‘Til next time!

Happy Sunday & Happy Cooking!