Prague Travel Guide

For a custom Prague Google map containing all of these spots and more, click here

Prague Travel Guide

I’m back with my final travel guide from our recent trip!

If you had a chance to check out my Budapest Travel Guide a few weeks ago, you know that Connor and I traveled to Budapest, Vienna, and Prague in early May.

It was our first time visiting each of these places. Even though it was a bit of a whirlwind to pack three cities into seven days, we loved our itinerary and highly recommend it. 

Each city was so different from the next and it was really fun to experience them back to back. Each of them had so much to offer and were extremely easy to travel between. 

Since we had limited time in Vienna (translation: 12 hours), I’m skipping straight to Prague in today’s post. I hope you find this Prague Travel Guide inspiring and helpful for planning your next adventure! 

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Budapest Travel Guide

Budapest Travel Guide

For a custom Google map containing all of these spots and more, click here.  It took me a few months, but I’m finally sharing my...

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