Mountains of Sunset Fire

Since I only shared about 0.001% of all the photos taken during my recent vacation to Montana, I figured now would be a fun chance to write a photograph based post.  After all, I’ve only shared about 5 pictures out of the 800+ remaining on my memory card.  Aaaah, thank god for digital.  Most of these photos were taken during our day trip into the Northern part of Yellowstone Park.  Scroll over photos for captions!

And, of course, I’ve also added in a few fun food pictures from through the week!  Look out for new recipes coming later this week…  I’ve also had some exciting things happen in the past few days, so I’ll be sure to share those as well…

mountains-of-sunset-fire mountains-of-sunset-fire2 mountains-of-sunset-fire3 mountains-of-sunset-fire4 mountains-of-sunset-fire5 mountains-of-sunset-fire6 mountains-of-sunset-fire7 mountains-of-sunset-fire8 mountains-of-sunset-fire9 mountains-of-sunset-fire10 mountains-of-sunset-fire11 mountains-of-sunset-fire12 mountains-of-sunset-fire13 mountains-of-sunset-fire14 montana