Thanks for being so patient these last few weeks as we’ve traveled and moved! Life is just beginning to settle down and I’m starting to get back into the groove of things. More importantly, the Sunday Thymes is back! 

Downtown Chicago

  • In an effort not to overload those of you who could care less about everything I eat in Chicago, I’ve created a second Instagram account (@westloopeats) to highlight my favorite places around the city and my new neighborhood! Think of it as a photo-based black book for restaurants. I hope you’ll join me!
  • Oh, and I’ve officially caved and joined the abyss that is SnapChat (@blogoverthyme). If you want to see the occasional embarrassing video (is there anything worse than hearing yourself on video?) or behind-the-scenes stuff, you can join me there too. Ok, now onto the good stuff…
  • I discovered this Food52 article the other day and I literally couldn’t believe my eyes. I haven’t tried it yet, but you can bet that it will happen at some point soon! Major game changer {I’ll report back}.
  • Can’t get my mind off of these stone fruit and yogurt popsicles!
  • Fire-roasted potatoes. Quite literally.
  • This roasted yam and fresh fig dish could not be more beautiful or unique.
  • These wild blueberry coconut ricotta doughnuts.
  • Everyone is putting together summer bucket lists and I’m this close to making my own. Except I have a fear of not accomplishing any of them (purely because they are on a list…taunting me) and then beating myself up about it come September. Am I alone in this? Don’t answer that.
  • Fun twists on a Moscow mule.
  • 20 side dishes to make all summer long!
  • This sea salt and vanilla fudge chunk ice cream could not sound more delicious.
  • Toasted, caramelized garlic olive oil dip. Grab a delicious loaf of crusty bread and go to town!
  • Adrianna made homemade cream cheese, so there’s that.

What I was making one year ago…