After going back and forth with thinking about whether or not to post the new series randomly throughout the week, I’ve decided to officially name the new series “Thursday Tidbits”.  Is that cool?  Ok, good.  Here’s what I’m loving this week!

Tidbits >> Blogging Over Thyme

1)  I’m a sucker for anything vintage or retro–and I recently discovered these porcelain ice cream containers from Anthropologie, which totally fit into that look.  Ridiculously overpriced?  Yes, but it would be pretty awesome gift paired with a copy of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams cookbook.

2)  This Spring Quiche with Butternut Squash, Feta, and Peas (from Desserts for Breakfast blog) looks pretty incredible.  All of those ingredients work so well together–definitely reminds me of my favorite locro dish.

3)  This knock-off DIY tablet holder, made from an old cutting board, is pretty genius.  I would probably be lazy and not bother to paint it, but it sounds like a fun, easy project.  Now, I just need to set aside time to do it.

4)  In the last two weeks, I finally got around to making Jim Lahey’s famous no-knead bread!  I’ve made it twice so far and I’m a huge fan (I prefer substituting a half cup of AP flour with whole wheat–it gives it a bit more dimension, but retains that great crust typical of 100% white flour breads, without it being too brittle).  I don’t think it’s as flavorful as my previous go-to boule recipe–but it frees up space in the fridge and is a bit easier to throw together, which I sort of love.

5)  My parents are heading off to California this week to attend my oldest sister’s grad school graduation and we’re cat-sitting their incredibly large, ridiculous, and highly amusing rescue cat, Smokey, while they are gone.  Even though I’m pretty sure Smokey could care less about hanging out with our cat, Max, it’s pretty adorable when I force them to interact with one another.  On a daily basis.