Thursday Tidbits

1)  One pan farro with tomatoes.  I have a feeling I might be making this dish over and over again this summer if it tastes as good as it looks!  (via Smitten Kitchen)

2)  This article about the DC food scene is a bit geographically specific (sorry, non-DC dwellers!), but I found it pretty fascinating (and unfortunately, fairly accurate).  (via Washington Post)

3)  Funky and incredibly creative desserts from this year’s best new pastry chefs. (via Food & Wine)

4)  I wish this blueberry sour cream ice cream could transport itself into my freezer!  (via The Tart Tart) 

5)  Nothing beats fresh Italian burrata.  Well, except these burrata filled ravioli with pistachio pesto.  Yep, those might do it.  (via The NY Times)

6)  How cute are these peach bourbon cupcakes?!  (via Love & Olive Oil)