I thought it might be fun to mix things up and share something a bit different with you all today! Some of these are just plain weird, some are amusing, and others are totally random–but they are all true. Here we go!

1)  In general, one of my favorite and least favorite things about blogging is that it can often appear effortless. This is great in the sense that there is always a continuous flux of wonderful content, photography, and writing to inspire you–and awful, in the sense, that it doesn’t capture the amount of work, mess-ups, or trials that went into these things. And let’s face it, sometimes getting a glimpse of “reality” can be refreshing and make us all feel a bit better.

blueberry loaf cake

2)  Case in point…I took 280 photos of that blueberry loaf cake. Two. hundred. and. eighty. And in the midst of writing the post, all of that got whittled down to ten “good” ones. Don’t worry–I delete the bad ones.

3)  I occasionally regret chopping off those eight inches of hair not so long ago. Not often…but sometimes.

haircut-14)  Ok, here comes wacky.  When  I was eight years old, I once got the brilliant idea to go outside (in my PJs–aka, long t-shirt) and clean the windows of the French doors leading into our kitchen.  If that wasn’t bad weird enough, this was on a very cold January day at about six o’clock in the morning, when the rest of my family was fast asleep.  Long story short, I ended up getting locked out and had to wait an excruciatingly cold 20 minutes for my sister to discover me and let me back inside.  True story.

5)  Here’s something a bit more normal. I am obsessed with rununculas. Pinterest is not helping…


6)  This isn’t my first blog. I actually created my first blog (without really being aware that it was a blog) back in 2008, when I was studying abroad in Australia. I remember at the time struggling to find a free, simple-to-use, blogging platform. I chose a pretty popular one at the time (which I can no longer recall). Unfortunately, it totally went under a few months after getting back and everything was lost. Let’s hope that never happens again…

7)  I am 25 years old. But for the past six months have been accidentally telling people I’m 26? Is that kinda thing supposed to happen at my age?

max8)  Umm….my cat has alopecia, which basically means he has “psychological baldness”–and has a little patch on his stomach, where he “excessively grooms” himself. If you thought WebMD (for humans) was bad, don’t ever try self-diagnosing your pet. It’s basically feline OCD. Oh yeah, and he enjoys eating hair things. The irony!

9)  During my time working at the restaurant, I often had to walk up and down the alley behind the kitchen at all times of the night. Once you’ve experienced that life, not much phases you–weird and strange all become sort of relative–but having a homeless man offer you “nightcap” at the end of your shift definitely tops the list.

tomato and fennel salad

10)  I stayed up far too late writing this post…