Thursday, 10:45 pm:

Originally, I planned on writing a fun Halloween post for tomorrow today with links to some of my favorite {foodie} finds from around the web.  However, after a quick tweet exchange with Kristin, I decided to heck with that.

Instead, I hopped off the couch, headed to the kitchen and immediately checked out what was in my pantry and fridge.  I was determined to make my own fall/Halloween-esque dish right then and there…


To put this in perspective, I had literally just watched an hour’s episode of Food Network’s Chopped: Champions on TV.

Similar to Chopped, I only had a few ingredients to work with and was facing a time crunch.  No baking, no drawn out cooking process.  I wanted fast, delicious, and creative.  Here’s what was in my basket, so to speak:

  • canned pumpkin
  • coconut milk
  • almonds
  • maple syrup

And here is what I came up with…

Pumpkin Coconut Soft Serve with Maple-Almond Crunch


Thursday, 11:40 pm: 

Quick realization that there is no way I can type this up coherently and get to bed at a reasonable hour for my early wake-up call.

Other realization:  Lack of natural light does not bode well for food photography.

To be continued…