Union Market DC >> Blogging Over Thyme

Hope everyone had a great weekend! This past Sunday, Connor and I decided to wake up early and head down into DC to check out Union Market for the first time. I’m embarrassed to admit that it was my first time there since it opened almost a year ago.

The building used to be home to a massive food venue back in the 1800’s–and true to its roots, is now home to a variety of artisan food companies and eateries.


It was pretty quiet when we first arrived, so we grabbed a quick cup of coffee from Peregrine Espresso and sat outside to enjoy the nice weather. I also took a moment to stare longingly at some fresh peonies at a fresh flower stand within the market.

I have the worst guilt when it comes to buying flowers, seriously! What the heck is wrong with me?!

Union Market DC >> Blogging Over Thyme

Not quite my favorite Ferry Building in San Francisco, but at least we’re attempting to create more spaces like this within the city! Union Market DC >> Blogging Over ThymeAfter walking around and exploring some of the vendors, Connor and I decided to grab breakfast at Buffalo & Bergen–whose small menu comprised of homemade bagels (made with NYC water!), knish, egg cream sodas, syrup sodas, craft beers, and some other fun drinks.

(P.S. I am totally obsessed with those pendant lights.)
Union Market DC >> Blogging Over ThymeI got this close to ordering a homemade french toast bagel (complete with powdered sugar and served warm with maple syrup)–but the jalapeno bagels were calling my name.

Next time! Union Market DC >> Blogging Over Thyme

Connor ordered a delicious everything bagel complete with scrambled egg, bacon, and cheese. I stole a few bites here and there…Union Market DC >> Blogging Over Thyme

I desperately wanted to check out a store within the market called Salt & Sundry–which I initially read about in Food & Wine magazine not long ago–but alas, it didn’t open until later that morning. It is basically a food boutique full of vintage finds, tableware, and other food related gifts. I’m sure it would have been very dangerous on my wallet.

I’m so glad that DC is creating more and more spaces like this to support small food establishments and independent restaurants! Until next time…

Union Market DC >> Blogging Over Thyme