1)  I’m not usually a big white chocolate fan, but I’m very tempted to break out my {impulse-buy} 5″ cake pans to make The Pastry Affair’s double espresso cake …Tall cakes are so much fun!  Plus, it involves coffee, which is always a good thing.

2)  My New Roots’s rice-paper spring samosas.  I’ve only made real samosas once and shaping the dough was the trickiest part.  This totally eliminates that step and you don’t even need to fry them . Genius.

3)  My sister came into town this weekend and gifted me this awesome Madagascar vanilla coffee syrup.  You can pour it over ice cream, use it to make smoothies or shakes, roast veggies with it, you name it.  I plan on pouring some onto homemade pancakes.  Don’t worry, I’ll update you when that time comes.

4)  I absolutely love roasted cauliflower and order it whenever it happens to be on a restaurant menu.  Add some goat cheese to the mix and I’m one happy camper.  This dish would definitely be a dramatic and impressive thing to serve at your next dinner party!

5)  Clearly desserts do have a special place in my heart–because I am dying to make this Victoria sponge cake with limoncello and balsamic strawberries.  I could stare at Katie’s photography all day long.  Stunning.