Magimix Food Processor

A couple weeks ago, I received a Magimix (by Robot-Coupe) 5200XL 16-Cup Food Processor to review for the blog.  I have to say, I went into this giveaway a bit biased, since I’ve actually been a huge fan of the company for several years now–particularly since discovering (from my own experience) that Robot-Coupe’s are the only food processors found in any professional restaurant or kitchen.

And trust me, that alone tells you something about this brand…


I’m a firm believer in investing in good quality kitchen equipment the first time around.  Especially when it comes to big ticket items like food processors.  I would rather spend a bit more money and get a machine that is made to stand the test of time–and will serve me just as well ten, hopefully twenty, years down the line.

Magimix, Robot-Coupe’s first line of food processors available for home cooks (and available exclusively through Williams-Sonoma), stands by the quality of their machines so much that they now offer a 30-year-motor-warranty on all of their food processors.  Every piece of this machine is actually made in Burgundy, France–true to the company’s roots.

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  • Included Attachments this 16-cup model comes with a handful of accessories that no other brands offer, including four shredding and slicing discs, a dough blade, egg beater whisk attachment, blender mix attachment, special spatula, as well as handy citrus press attachment.
  • Storage Box — which holds all the additional accessories and prevents you from losing anything.
  • Optional Accessories the optional accessories that you can buy for this machine are endless.  They offer a juicing extractor, additional slicing discs, and dough bowl attachment (that you can actually bake with in the oven).  It really makes this machine so versatile and multi-functional, which I love.
  • Citrus Juicer Attachment — I can honestly say that I would never buy a citrus juicer as a stand alone appliance, but having this included attachment is pretty awesome.  It can definitely extract more juice than hand-squeezing and leaves just the right amount of pulp. Grapefruit juice for the win!
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