Why, hello there!

Seriously, I can’t believe I haven’t included any photos of myself in the vast majority of my blog posts.   But, unfortunately, my attempted self-portraits during cooking sessions are always a complete disaster.  The last time, I forgot the camera was zoomed in and the resulting picture was of my forehead.  And, let’s be honest, usually the food seems a lot more exciting to me at the time, so I usually forget.  I do have a face though!


The photos of this post pretty much sum up my incredibly random weekend.  When I wasn’t studying or working on nursing application essays, I did a bunch of exploring this weekend.  I’m trying to take advantage of this great fall weather we’ve been having in the DC area lately.  It was 60-70 degrees with blue skies all weekend.

Especially since I haven’t experienced a nice, long fall season in over four years.  In upstate NY, it pretty much went from summer to horrible winter in almost no time at all.

More explanations to come, but for now, enjoy a few photos from my weekend!  Lots of new recipes to look forward to over the next couple posts.  Oh yeah, and there is an incentive “preview” recipe picture somewhere in there, just in case you’re already bored.
scotts-run-sushi-self-portraits2 scotts-run-sushi-self-portraits3 scotts-run-sushi-self-portraits4 scotts-run-sushi-self-portraits5 scotts-run-sushi-self-portraits6 scotts-run-sushi-self-portraits7 scotts-run-sushi-self-portraits8 scotts-run-sushi-self-portraits9 scotts-run-sushi-self-portraits10 scotts-run-sushi-self-portraits11 scotts-run-sushi-self-portraits12 scotts-run-sushi-self-portraits13 scotts-run-sushi-self-portraits14 scotts-run-sushi-self-portraits15 scotts-run-sushi-self-portraits16

If it wasn’t obvious enough…I was too lazy and starving to remove the sushi from the container to take this photo.  You get the idea though.

Ok, enough randomness…here is the picture you’ve actually been waiting to check out!

scotts-run-sushi-self-portraits17Bet you can’t guess. Either way, I will be sharing the successful-recipe-experiment soon enough!  Hope you all have been having a great week.