Shio Ramen with Extra Veg |

  • Shio ramen with extra veg last night at Daikaya in DC!
  • I’m still totally blown away by this cake. I mean, seriously, pineapple flowers?!
  • Is there anything better than matchstick fries? No. The answer is no.
  • So many freaking delicious things with brown butter this week! Thanks internet!
  • Brussels sprout slaw! In cheddar cheese cups!
  • I refuse to believe summer is almost over. Then again, it is supposed to be 90 million degrees this entire week, so  maybe it’s not after all!
  • This creamed spinach is out of control.
  • One of my favorite invisible (turned real-life) internet friend’s cookbook is being released this Tuesday! Have you pre-ordered your copy yet? You’re going to want this one on your shelf.