Swiss Chard and Feta Phyllo Purses (with video!)

Swiss Chard & Feta Phyllo Purses (with video!) |

I’m so excited about these!  So excited that I couldn’t wait until next week to share these with you.  There’s even a video (below) with sound effects.  November is looking good, guys.

These swiss chard and feta phyllo purses were dreamt up a few weeks ago.  I just couldn’t get the idea off of my mind.  In all honesty, recipe ideas come to me at the most random, unexpected times.

Swiss Chard & Feta Phyllo Purses (with video!) |

Sometimes I forget about ideas (this is what notebooks are for, but I seem to forget this as well), and other times, they just sort of stick with me.  This idea fit into the latter category.

This is saying a lot considering that I sort of have a love-hate relationship with phyllo dough.  If you’ve worked with it before, I’m sure many of you would agree.  It requires a bit of patience.

If you’re feeling impatient and irritable, avoid phyllo dough at all costs.  Trust me.  It won’t bode well for anyone.

Swiss Chard & Feta Phyllo Purses (with video!) |

That being said, there are a few tips that I’ll share that will make working with phyllo dough much more enjoyable…

Clean off a large working space, preheat the oven, and literally set everything you will need right in front you–a barely damp kitchen towel (to cover the dough and prevent it from drying), melted butter, a pastry brush, the prepared filling, a large baking sheet, and sharp knife.  Have a game plan.  Give yourself a little bit of a pep talk and get to work.  You’ve got this.

If you break or destroy a sheet of phyllo, don’t panic.  There are a zillion of them in each package (actually, there are usually only 20, but that still gives you some wiggle room).  Everything will be OK.

Swiss Chard & Feta Phyllo Purses (with video!) |

The filling was, as you can probably already guess, inspired by the classic spanokopita filling–which usually includes onion or spring onion, feta cheese, and lemon juice.

Instead of using delicate spinach, I chose to make my version with swiss chard, which is a bit heartier and goes a lot further.  To spice things up a bit, I added a few pinches of cayenne pepper for a touch of heat.

Swiss Chard & Feta Phyllo Purses (with video!) |

Of course, and this goes without being said, the most important part of this dish is the feta.  Lots and lots of feta.  You know what’s better than straight up feta?  Hot, just-melting feta with sautéed greens, onion, and garlic–encased in a crunchy phyllo purse (again, see sound effects in video).

I messily ate three while taking pictures for this post.  In fact, I had to keep looking over my shoulder the whole time to make sure that Connor didn’t inhale the rest of them while I wasn’t looking.

While you really don’t need an excuse to make these, these phyllo purses would make the perfect party snack or appetizer!  Enjoy..


P.S.  On a side note, is there anything worse than hearing yourself on video?  Ugh.