The Sunday Thymes

Weekend Waffles

This weekend has been so much fun! My oldest sister, Alessandra, and my brother-in-law, Cassidy, are visiting from San Francisco and the weekend has been jam-packed. They happened to plan their visit during the Chicago Air & Water Show (total coincidence) and yesterday, we were able to watch the Blue Angels flying all through the Chicago skyline from one of the best rooftops in the entire city! It was incredible. [If you’re on Snapchat, I shared a bunch of them! @blogoverthyme]

We also took the famous Chicago Architectural Foundation River Cruise, went swimming in the lake from Ohio Street Beach, ate delicious tortas at Rick Bayless’s XOCO (my first time back since we moved here), and lots more. More fun today planned with brunch at River Roast downtown.

To add to the excitment, my parents are actually flying in today for a short visit through Wednesday! Follow along on Instagram and Snapchat to catch fun clips of what we’re doing (and eating) all over the city.

  • Major excitement this week. Adrianna made a big ass doughnut with equally big ass sprinkles! Check it out.
  • Craving Jocelyn’s buttery peach bars!
  • Gorgeous succotash…with lobster. This needs to happen immediately.
  • Billy made peach rose quick jam, which fulfills my dreams of jam-making, as well as takes into account my lack of patience. Why, thank you.
  • Just spotted this incredible Kung Pao cauliflower on FoodGawker!
  • Um, how amazing does this ice cream sound?! So creative.
  • Todd makes the most beautiful cocktails everAlso, DIY banana rum.
  • The best way to preserve fresh herbs.
  • My kind of green beans.
  • Are you familiar with Sarah’s dessert blog The Sugar Hit? [It’s amazing.] I received her new (soon-to-be-released!) cookbook this week and it is one of the coolest dessert cookbooks I’ve ever seen. Seriously, I basically read through the entire thing cover to cover. I’ll be sharing a recipe from the book in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, you should absolutely pre-order it.

What I was cooking one year ago…

  • Farmer’s market hash! Love this breakfast option, and you can switch it up with whatever fresh veggies you find at the farmer’s market this weekend.