This weekend I made a big purchase.  I finally decided to swap in my 5 year old college laptop for a new one.  I have been saving up for this for a while and decided to finally just do it.  I was originally going to buy a netbook for easy portability, but after spending nearly three hours (I’m somewhat indecisive, if you can’t already tell) in Best Buy on Friday, I decided to skip the netbook and get a new laptop instead.  The price difference was nearly negligible and after discussing bothering the sales employees over and over again, I realized that the netbook was not going to support all of the functions I wanted on a computer.

Can I tell you how nice it is to finally have a computer that doesn’t freeze, take 20 minutes to boot up, or require being plugged in constantly because the adapter has died yet again?  Granted, I was using my parent’s MacBook a lot of the time due to these very reasons, but now I can stay on one computer and not constantly have to swap or email files back and forth.  Hallelujah!

Ahhh, blogging will be so much more time-efficient now as well.  I think it used to take me 10 minutes just to open Microsoft Live Writer.  It took me 20 minutes to finally decide to open up the box after leaving Best Buy the other day and I still have yet to remove the stickers or plastic wrapping.

Back later this weekend with more recipes!  Plate

On a side note, it started flurrying here yesterday!  It was kind of exciting, I must say, even after spending the last 4 years in sub-zero temperatures.