Last week, on a work-related trip, which took me 90 miles north of DC to Hagerstown, MD, I happened to drive by a antique/thrift store and couldn’t help but take a peek inside.  I must say, the store had a very odd assortment of things—from Christmas-related modern crafts to antique furniture and numerous collections of beer stein mugs.

However, after scouring the place and searching high and low, I did find a couple of {cheap} gems that are now happy members of my growing addiction collection of kitchen containers and jars.

Here’s what I ended up picking up:


Quaker Oats Tin   – $2.99

Ok, so this really isn’t an antique at all.  In fact, the bottom of the tin clearly states that it was a special edition oats container from…wait for it….1992.  I guess nearly 20 years does make it sort of antique-y?  My grandfather would be horrified by that last statement.  Oh well. 

But I still could not resist.  It was cheap, had character, and gave off a vintage vibe—reminding me of this special bakery I discovered during my recent trip to Scotland.  

I’ve already filled it with whole wheat flour, as my original storage container from Ikea is way too small and incredibly frustrating to measure from.  Less mess, less stress! 

And guess what?  The other side of the tin has cookie recipes on it too!  Win-win. 


Three-Tier Sugar/Tea/Coffee Tin – $6.95

Ok, this probably wasn’t the best deal I’ve ever made (however, it was 50% off the original price), but I decided the extra storage and cuteness factor was worth it. 

The slightly sad part?  I got home and realized upon looking at the bottom of the tin that it was made in China and is not remotely original.  I don’t really mind though, because it is functional and looks genuine.  Can you tell I’m obsessed with vintage-style kitchen stuff? 

Though it’s obviously supposed to hold coffee, tea, and sugar in its respective nesting levels, I’ve decided to store small spice containers and little bags of bulk-spices, which have been cluttering up my cabinets for the past four months.  It’s more hygienic and functional for me.  

Lesson?  Do what works for you!


Blue Antique Mason Jars – $1.69/each

These ended up being the only real antique items I picked up at the store—and, ironically, the cheapest items of the day. 

I made sure to check that the lids were functional—although they are definitely old and not air-tight, like other mason jars I use for food storage.  However, I love the blue tone! 

I plan on using them for tea or grains.  Trust me, I will find something to fill them with…

The grand total ended up being about $14, which I felt pretty good about.  I gained valuable storage (usually an expensive thing), acquired some unique and fun kitchen items, and supported a small-town store.

All good things in my book!