Thursday Tidbits :: Blogging Over Thyme

1)  Apparently my sweet tooth comes out each time I put together these posts…but waffle cakes are sort of amazing.  I’m also obsessed with Beth’s new website design.  (via Local Milk)

2)  Thank you Katie, for allowing me to relive my recent trip to the Amalfi Coast with your stunning photography.  Don’t even get my started on all of those pictures of the tomatoes and Parmigiano-Reggiano wheels… (via What Katie Ate

3)  Did you guys ever read this article?  Apparently background noise (specifically the hum of your local coffee shop) has been shown to stimulate creative thinking, which sort of explains why so many people (including me) head to their local coffee shop with their laptops in tow.  The brilliant people behind Coffitivity have now made it possible for us to recreate a dynamic cafe in the comfort of our own homes! (via NY Times blog)

4)  Can you believe those are wild asparagus?!  I’m not even sure if I knew wild asparagus existed.  I’m a new follower of Magda’s blog and you definitely need to check it out.  I want to make EVERYTHING. (via My Little Expat Kitchen)  

5)  I know, I know, my infatuation with ice cream flavors is out of control.  But Gabi’s sweet corn strawberry swirl concoction has me swooning. (via Honest Fare

6)  These honey nut tarts.  Enough said. (via Whip + Click