Let me start by offering a quick apology to anyone finding my site from an outside link.  I literally just finished redesigning it so some links don’t work any more.  If you’re looking for something in particular check out the search bar on the right or my recipe page up at the top. Enjoy!

There have also been a few glitches with the new site design matching up to RSS, so please update your feeds in your readers to the following address:

This weekend was full of fun required activities to prepare for our move this Wednesday! Lots of fridge cleaning, spackling, and a bit of painting for the new tenants. This means that every painting that was on the wall is now sitting on the floor and everything is a mess in preparation for moving day. We’re expecting a chance of rain, so here’s hoping it skips town and we make it through the day without getting ourselves and our belongings soaked.


I have also been working on cleaning up this blog with some site updates! The new design will be more stream-lined, have better search functionality, and looks identical no matter what browser you use. I hope to get it up and running by the end of the day, but please excuse any glitches along the way. Hope you guys enjoy it!

As for the weekend’s eats–the photo below pretty much sums up the sad contents of our (very clean) fridge right now—chia seeds, mini chocolate chips, capers, kefir, jam, sesame oil, and jam. It also explains why I have no new recipe to share with you all!


Be sure to check back later this week for more posts about culinary school. I plan on writing a full FAQ post on my program and details on what exactly I’ll be doing starting two weeks from tomorrow. Time is officially flying!

In the mean time, Max will continue to occupy his favorite spot until the very moment we load it up into the U-Haul…