Le Colonial Chicago

Chicago Summer Patio Life

Ok, so I fully plan on telling you more about Chicago this coming week! I realize we have lived here for almost two full months and I have yet to actually write about it. You know? The move, the adjustment, life, our neighborhood, what we’ve been doing, if we like the city, and obviously, the most important thing, where and what we are eating.

Also, it’s officially August, which is…startling.

In the words of my new, I-might-have-binged-watched-five-seasons-in-four-weeks favorite television show, winter is coming. You probably hate me for saying that (I kind of hate myself too) and I realize we are nowhere close to winter just yet, but winter anxiety is starting to slowly creep into my thoughts. If you’re from Chicago or live somewhere equally as cold, please tell me where I should buy a winter coat and boots.

I’m receiving conflicting advice, and I want to make sure that I’m prepared. Otherwise, I might never leave my apartment. On an unrelated note, I had a revelation this past week in regards to blogging-related efficiency, and I sort of feel like shouting about it from the rooftops. Plans to share are in the works.


Here are my favorite finds from this past week!

  • These funnel cakes are spectacular and the fruit addition almost makes them healthy, right? On a related note, watch this. My favorite comedian ever.
  • I’ve been wanting these oven-fried green tomatoes all week long.
  • Ok, so I’m not fully behind the chia pudding trend (the texture is just…eh), but I’m willing to try one more time.
  • Why have I never made frozen sangria before?
  • An amazingly informative post on all things spiralizers. [I don’t have one yet, do you?]
  • This sweet potato moroccan salad. The colors are out of this world.
  • One of my favorite popsicles growing up were these frozen banana ones (almost pure banana!) from our local grocery store. These ones look almost identical!
  • How genius is a snacking cake?!

What I was cooking one year ago…