Cinnamon Roll Little Goat

Cinnamon roll the size of my head from Little Goat

  • Mandy makes the most amazing food ever.
  • I’m going back to San Francisco this Thursday, and can’t wait. {You can follow along on my adventures on Snapchat (@blogoverthyme) – warning: you will see a lot of pictures of my cat.}
  • This crispy peach cobbler is fascinating. The crust!
  • Beautiful hatch chile cornbread. Summer lives on!
  • Super impressed by Lindsay’s homemade limoncello. Also, those labels.
  • Todd’s cocktails (and cocktail pictures) are insane. Just insane.
  • This post on Instagram (both the good and the ugly) was such a fun read. I love Joy’s writing.
  • Did you see this gnocchi? Oh lord.
  • I’ve gotten super interested in podcasts over the past three months (starting with Serial and Food Blogger Pro). Here’s a huge list of fun culinary podcasts to check out!
  • Twenty years ago, I could have absolutely been one of the kids cast for this video. [Also, did I just start a sentence with “twenty years ago..”? AGH.]
  • The best time-saving apps! Need it, on it, gonna get it.

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