The Sunday Thymes

Farmer’s market haul

  • Did any of you get a chance to make any tomato recipes yesterday? It eventually stopped pouring, so I was able to make it to the farmer’s market after all!
  • I accidentally purchased over two pounds of tomatoes yesterday (three days before I leave for Alaska), so I’m going to buy a great loaf of bread today, make bruschetta, and grill up some of this chicken for dinner tonight.
  • This gorgeous salad almost makes me forget how much I hate melon.
  • How a professional health coach starts her day. I should probably start meditating…
  • My friend, Jessica, shared this simple to-do list hack this week, and I’m implementing it immediately.
  • These tahini granola bars sound like the perfect snack to bring on the plane this week.
  • Healthier strawberry shortcakes! I’m into it. Also, Kate shares a really important tip about buying coconut milk (hint: make sure you’re buying BPA-free cans).
  • I’m always looking for the next best blueberry muffin recipe.
  • This flavor combination almost makes me look forward to fall.
  • I can’t wait to make this chicken, artichoke, and kale soup once the weather cools down a bit!
  • Kinda just want to sit by the pool and drink these piña colada snow cones all day…but alas, work must be done.
  • Looking for a good book to take on the plane. Share your favorites, pleeeease!!!