Fall Leaves

The Weekly Mix is back! I’ve kicked my cold (the cough lives on) and I’m excited to share exciting news with you. I’m flying to Italy today! Yes, I can’t quite believe it either.

We’ll be traveling to Venice, Italy with Connor’s parents, sister, and extended family over the next four nights to experience the Biennale, an art exhibition that takes place every two years throughout the city. Since we’re literally scattered all across the globe right now (Connor’s sister and brother-in-law currently live in London), spending time with family is no small feat. Thankfully, the timing and vacation schedules allowed us to join them!

I had the opportunity to travel to Venice with my own family when I was in the sixth grade and distinctly remember thinking that it was the most stunning city I’d ever seen. I can’t wait to experience it again seventeen years later! We’ll also be tacking on a few nights in Amsterdam on our way back home. If you have recommendations for restaurants or activities for either place, please send them our way! The famous Winkle Cafe apple pie is already on my list.

In the meantime, you can follow along on our adventures on Instagram stories! [Technology permitting]. Arrivederci! Be on the lookout for new recipes next week.


Things I’m Loving This Week:

  • Cutest DIY Halloween costume award goes too…
  • Have you broken out the pumpkin puree? I caved with this pumpkin sheet cake. It uses one entire can of pumpkin. Can I say amen?
  • I chugged this syrup (at the fellow blogger’s recommendation) last week when I was sick. I swear, it helped.
  • Baking science alert! My friend Kristin wrote the most informative piece on cocoa powder the other day. A great (and enlightening) resource for all my fellow bakers.
  • I had the opportunity to try this blueberry lox when I traveled to Alaska last summer and I can attest to its greatness!
  • Excited to try out this new multipurpose camera bag during my trip! I’ve been looking for one that could also function as a purse and I think I might have found it.
  • Weekend baking challenge in the form of tahini challah buns.
  • Connor surprised me with this cookbook – produced by one of our favorite Chicago West Loop restaurants – and I can’t decide what to make first. One of the most well-written and inspiring restaurant cookbooks that I’ve seen in a long time. Warning: the recipes are very challenging and a bit more out there.
  • On that note, let’s start a virtual cookbook club together!
  • Does your favorite brand of canned tomatoes make the cut?
  • ICYMI: here’s a handful of fall recipes to jumpstart your meal plan over the next few weeks.

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