Mediterranean Tuna Tartines - a modern, fresh Italian tuna sandwich made with pesto cannellini beans, olive oil packed Bella Portofino Albacore tuna, and peppery arugula!

This post is brought to you by Bella Portofino.

While I’m never one to shy away from a slice of good bread, in my mind, there’s no better sandwich than a classic tartine. An open-faced sandwich piled high with beautiful, simple ingredients.

Tartines are the more refined and elegant French cousin of the classic American sandwich. The bread takes a backseat (however, please don’t skimp on high-quality bread!) and the sandwich filling takes center stage.

Mediterranean tuna tartines are the latest edition to my easy lunch (or casual dinner) recipe arsenal. These fresh and vibrant tartines are a far cry from the typical mayonnaise-heavy tuna salad sandwiches that have seemingly taken over the sandwich world.

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